1 Oneliners.Api

1.1 Building

First, ensure that you have quicklisp installed.

Next, fetch dependencies that are not in quicklisp.

mkdir oneliner-build && cd oneliner-build
git clone https://cicadas.surf/cgit/oneliners/oneliners.api.git oneliners.api
git clone https://cicadas.surf/cgit/colin/lazybones.git  lazybones
git clone https://cicadas.surf/cgit/colin/lambda-riffs.git lambda-riffs

The build script expects to be run from inside the oneliners.api.git

cd oneliners.api 
sbcl --load build.lisp

This should put an executable file olwiki-server in the durrent directory.

1.2 Usage

olwiki-server --config /path/to/a/config/file 

See the example config file for what to pass to –config

1.3 Contributing

To get a look at what I intend to add or change or fix you can look here

If you'd like to contact me, you can email me at colin@cicadas.surf or message me on mastodon @antisphex@mastodon.sdf.org

If you have made an improvement that you would like me to include here, you can:

  1. point me to a publicly accessible git repo so I can pull your branch
  2. send me a patch file by email

1.4 Copyright

Copyright (c) 2022 Colin Okay (colin@cicadas.surf)

1.5 License

Licensed under the AGPLv3 License.

Created: 2022-09-16 Fri 13:45