Wheelwork \Wheel"work`\, n. (Mach.)
   A combination of wheels, and their connection, in a machine
   or mechanism.
   [1913 Webster]

A Sprite System in Common Lisp for Games and GUIs

1 Installation

Ensure that sdl2 is installed on your system.

1.1 Fetch Systems That Are Not In Quicklisp

mkdir ~/wheelwork-playground
cd ~/wheelwork-playground 
git clone https://cicadas.surf/cgit/colin/wheelwork.git wheelwork

1.2 Fire up Slime

You'll want to let quickisp know about the wheelwork-playground directory

(pushnew #P"~/wheelwork-playground/" ql:*local-project-directories*)
(ql:register-local-projects )
(ql:quickload :wheelwork)

1.3 Try the examples

Then load one of the example files and call its "start" function:

(ql:quickload :wheelwork-examples)

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