hello its me, grant. this is my little corner of the cicadas.surf space

🖳 computers

i enjoy hacking around with human oriented stuff, though i am a bit skewed by Emacs and free/libre software. mostly i enjoy exploring and making things work for me and my community in idiosyncratic ways.

i have some software repositories, but mostly i hack on this literate emacs configuration, which is probably my sixth major iteration on it.

i work on Ruby/Rails web apps professionally, and i enjoy sharing what i know and learning new things with other folks.

🎼 music

music has been a love of mine throughout life. i'll share links to various recordings here, as i sift through the dross of sporadic flings with sound. you can also check out some mix tapes.

Casiopeia - Basement Days

My first "album" recorded on various cassette tape machines, mostly with busted old instruments and thrift store casio keyboards. my best friend chad was the other half of this music, and its mostly improvisational compositions feel like they represent a bit of real magic i was able to experience before life took things in different ways…

Casiopeia - Basement Days

e x p l o r a t i o n 1 - 5

sprays of sound sand from granulated source (can you tell what it was?) this was made with a lovely piece of free/libre software called kluppe. i began to see the entire world of recorded sound as a pallette, one could walk into it and shift time scales to hear a single aspect of a sound stretched to eternity, or repeat a wondrous moment as a sonic waterfall

🪶 Lakota

i'm slowly trying to learn to speak my ancestral language and doing tiny bits at the intersection of Lakota language and free software.

✍ contact me

i'm on the fediverse as @shoshin@weirder.earth

email me: shoshin at cicadas surf

Author: Grant Shoshin Shangreaux

Created: 2022-11-21 Mon 20:39