colin/animise.gitTweens for animationcolin <>3 months
colin/derrida.gitMacros for Destructuring Collectionscolin <>4 weeks
colin/flexo.gitSLIME-driven interactive static site devcolin <>3 months
colin/gtwiwtg.gitNaive generators in Common Lispcolin <>7 weeks
colin/hyperquirks.gitMostly syntactic extensions to common lispcolin <>4 months
colin/imbricate.git[no description]3 months
colin/init-el-org.gitMy literate emacs config filecolin <>2 weeks
colin/isohedral.git[no description]
colin/lambda-riffs.gitCommon Lisp Macro for Riffing with Lambdascolin <>5 weeks
colin/lazybones-client.gitGenerate Common Lisp HTTP client functions for Lazybones Appscolin <>3 months
colin/lazybones.gitHTTP Routing framework in Common Lispcolin <>3 weeks
colin/parzival.git[no description]3 months
colin/pixelrig.git[no description]
colin/pocc.git[no description]3 months
colin/replay-streams.git[no description]3 months
colin/testiere.gitTDD-like dev for Common Lispcolin <>4 days
colin/threadcat.gitSimplest message board for shared Unix systemscolin <>3 months
colin/vampire.gitA Collaborative Mix Tape Toolcolin <>3 days
colin/wheelwork.gitA Sprite System in Common Lispcolin <>3 months
colin/wiggle-world.git[no description]3 months
oneliners/oneliners.api.gitOneliners wiki service colin <>
oneliners/oneliners.cli.gitClient for oneliners wiki service colin <>